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Mark Garry

"I have a site specific installation practice concerned with devising methods that engage with, and navigate viewers through, physical spaces. These installations combine physical, visual, sensory and empathetic analogues, creating arrangements of elements that intersect the space and relate to the physical ergonomics of the space and each other. I use a range of natural and craft materials such as thread, beads, coloured paper, origami, plants, and a range of methodologies to dynamically transform these materials in such a way as to delicately intersect the space and to leave open the possibility of imaginative responses to the visual, spatial and associative interactions created by the materials. 

This practice is process driven and I am very interested in craft traditions and skilled workmanship and it is important to me that my work involves the stretching and consolidating of the physical capabilities of the materials I work with, both in isolation and when combined with other materials and objects. It is my desire that through my intervention one's perception of these materials is altered fundamentally from their utilitarian origins.

I find this particular type of endeavor worthwhile because it prioritizes a form of engagement where associations, while formal and structured, are not fixed; and rather than make finite statements I am interested in creating ethereal relationships where the opportunity is present to bring one's own associations and connections to bear on the elements that are presented.
I place more emphasis on the possibilities of non linguistic forms of subjective subliminal perception and interaction. I want to enable situations where the relationship between metaphorical signifiers can never be defined simply. One of my concerns would be attempting to create interactions that negate obvious simple linguistic contextualization and definition as I feel this encourages a broader more diverse form of communication.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mark Garry
Images taken from the 
Kerlin Gallery



Technical Skills or Technical Stitch

A record of my stitch samples.

Blow magazine

An Irish publication edited by photographer Agata Stoinska. Blow was established in June 2010 and is Ireland's first A3 photography magazine. It includes work from photographers worldwide, all aesthetically and thought provoking. A beautiful publication.

For further details see here.


Goin all prim and proper

Granny in the heels

Mother in my scarf

Beginning to look 'normal' again....finally!!

Dedicated Post....Jessica Diem O'Connell, Weave Designer

Jessica is a graduate weave designer from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. She specializes in accessories for fashion. Bags and buttons are exquisitely made and in Jessica's own words 'designed for the person who would prefer to search out more exclusive pieces in markets and independent boutiques.' She also points out that the pieces are feature fabrics which cannot be mass produced as they require the meticulous skills of a craftmaker and in my words Jessica's pieces sum up these skills beautifully.


Baring all

A brilliant programme which aired on RTE 1 on June 14th. It can be watched on RTE Player for up to a month. Worth watching as the sitters discuss their experience of baring all for the artist aswell as the nation! But on a more serious note it delves in to the perception of a naked body when it is before us. The issue is articulated extremely well by John Waters, who being a sitter, openly discusses his preconceptions, vulnerabilities and conclusions to his experience.

An evening to remember

Images of my work in the National College of Art and Design Graduate Exhibition 2011. The latter photograph is produced by my sister, Sona who did some adjusting to the original. I love how she changed the drawing, makes me want to work with chalk....there's an idea.

*Photographs taken by Sona at PublicScrapBook


Dedicated post....Carrie Kinahan, Textile Artist

Carrie Kinahan is a graduate of the National College of Art and Design and an aspiring Textile Artist. Her work is based on the documentation of memory and in particular the memories of a woman with whom she is close to. The contrast of the intricate embroidery and the vast size of the finished work is an overwhelming experience which you want to return to over and over again. One to watch!

Carrie can be contacted here.