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Veruschka, the beauty of all beauties

An artist working with camouflage and the power of the body. Veruschka uses body paint to transform her appearance so that it harmonises with her surrounding environment. I love the energy the photographs exude, some colourful and extravagant while others are more sedated and sculptural. Although it involves a lot of work the end results have a feeling of effortless and pure beauty without a sexual reference. I love the combination of vulnerability and strength in each image. The body is always the vulnerable side beside backgrounds such as rock and foliage even though the deception lies in the similar textures of both dimentions. I am searching for techniques within fabric, the body and imagery to express these two qualities, strength and vulnerability.


Surface, surface, surface

Some examples of paper surface exploration. The hope is to transfer these designs to fabric so they become embellished-like and crave touchability! The concept behind these designs draws from my fascination with skin, both animal and human, and the distortion possibilities. At the moment these pieces are 2-D but my plan is to create beautiful 3-D pieces that fit the body, similar to a second skin.


Minimalism and Fashion

A selection of images from the book Minimalism and Fashion: Reduction in the Postmodern Era by Elyssa Dimant. The forward is provided by Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein. He offers an insightful and personal account of his definition of minimalism. I think the issue many people (including me) have regarding minimalism is it's striking simplicity, you wonder how much work could have gone in to it. I guess my personal dilemma was that my tutor kept referring to my work as minimalist and I couldn't understand how I had managed to fit in to this category! This book has answered all the questions I had. Every page is stunning and I have nearly duplicated it with my unrestrained photocopying. I couldn't resist....

'My journey as a designer has been a personal one that in many ways has been more about editing than restraint.'
- Francisco Costa


Studio space

My first beloved studio space now filled with sweet jars of fabrics, pencils, pens, magazines...thanks to my persistent mum for all the help.