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Minimalism and Fashion

A selection of images from the book Minimalism and Fashion: Reduction in the Postmodern Era by Elyssa Dimant. The forward is provided by Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein. He offers an insightful and personal account of his definition of minimalism. I think the issue many people (including me) have regarding minimalism is it's striking simplicity, you wonder how much work could have gone in to it. I guess my personal dilemma was that my tutor kept referring to my work as minimalist and I couldn't understand how I had managed to fit in to this category! This book has answered all the questions I had. Every page is stunning and I have nearly duplicated it with my unrestrained photocopying. I couldn't resist....

'My journey as a designer has been a personal one that in many ways has been more about editing than restraint.'
- Francisco Costa

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  1. I have the book, recommendation to everyone! :)