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In the Absence of Colour

A selection of new work focusing on shapes and tones using a single piece of fabric and black thread.  I hope to continue this work, eventually creating a visual language for the viewer where the repetition of shapes and lines becomes a conversation between the observer and the observed.

Photographs by John Kellett


The Finer Details

Last weekend Mum and I took a road trip to the Craft Granary in Cahir, Co. Tipperary who are currently showing the Crafts Council of Ireland's Seascapes Exhibition.  It was great to see the exhibition in a new setting.  It was previously shown at the Knitting and Stitching Show in the RDS in 2011. 

On entering Cahir town, it is the Granary building which catches the eye. The restored building was first constructed in the early 19th Century by Lord and Lady Cahir.  Lord Cahir was a Trustee of the Linen Industry and so a linen factory was established in the town.  By the mid 1840’s, linen manufacture had declined, due to a decrease in markets.  Corn milling and flour production became the trade of trend and this continued (along with other side projects) throughout the twentieth century until the building was gutted by a fire in 1985. 

Since it's restoration, the Granary displays some exemplary stonework and contributes much to the beauty and streetscape of the town.  Most appropriately, one half of this listed building now contains the South East Regional Craft Centre - the only one in this country to incorporate space for training, production and sale of crafts under one roof.


A Colourful Return

Some evocative imagery (source to be located) to get me excited about my return to studio work tomorrow.  I will step nervously forth and hope for the rest to fall in to place. Here goes....


'Source' Contemporary Craft Exhibition

My pieces for 'Source' Contemporary Craft Exhibition which is on view Feb 9th-27th 2012 at County Halls, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire.

The exhibition is curated by Angela O'Kelly.


Building a SPACE

A challenge which thankfully ended in relief!  Looking forward to tonight x


Skeletal Lines

Charcoal drawings, some combined with plaster work showing the intricate and broad lines (combined with vast space) I am creating for my current work.  With the use of stitch and and wire I am building bodies both imperfect and incomplete...the rest is up to the viewers imagination.


Inspiration #Eva Hesse

Joseph Albers was one of Hesse's professors at Yale
School of Art and Architecture, c. 1958


Repetition Nineteen III, 1968
Fiberglass and polyester resin
Nineteen units, height of each: 19-20 1/4 in.
The Museum of Modern Art, New York,
Gift of Charles and Anita Blatt, 1969

Sans II, 1968
Polyester resin and fiberglass
Five units, each 38 x 86 x 6 1/2 in.

* I recently bought a fantastic book, Eva Hesse Sculpture
(Yale University Press, 2006) at the Whitechapel Gallery,
London E1 7QX.  I highly recommend the book and the gallery.


Face to Face


Research work using a rubber mold and experimenting with the fleeting transience of ice as a sculpture. 


Are you there?

She's finding herself....

* New work for a new project.  More details to follow soon.