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Fabulous darling

The setting for the National College of Art and Design Fashion Show 2011. The show took place in the Grand Room in the Royal Kilmainham Hospital (IMMA), Dublin 8. The setting was beautiful with it's high ceilings and timeless charm.

Julie Flynn, 4th year Textile Designer (print)

Honor Scanlon, 4th year Textile Designer (embroidery)

Trudy Feighery, 4th year Textile Designer (embroidery)

Jane Kenny, 4th year Textile Designer (print)

Blaithin Ennis, 4th year Textile Designer (embroidery)

Rachel Platt, 4th year Textile Designer (embroidery)

The designers

The setting.


Touching text

The Piper's Club
by Ulick O'Connor

The leaping finger tightens on the string.
Bow slips sideways in a sudden swoop;
The fiddler's found his air; with head on swing,
His glazed eyes ignore the captive group.

But oh! my knuckles whiten at my plight.
What silken word can match the fiddler's fling
Who saw a blackbird in a gap of light
And trapped its sweetness on a tightened string?

For me, the best feeling in the world is when you can justly and honestly bring an image, an idea, a word to life through form...just like the fiddler in this poem.


Research imagery

Following on from yesterdays post regarding wire I am including images of research, drawings and collage. I visited St. Michens in Dublin to see the mummies, the Natural History Museum in Dublin to photograph (with permission) the bog men and other objects, a lot of fun! And also the Natural History Museum in London to see the Egyptian wrappings on the mummies. All very different but with a common ground which I THINK I have finally found!!!!

Getting wired