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These are a selection of life-drawing/sculpture drawings I have done over the past year. Drawing is a medium I will always return to and for me the body is the hardest but most satisfying subject to draft. You can't alter or distort it as it is the truest and most brutally honest of forms. I'm not sure if you can ever master the skill of life-drawing as each figure you draw brings with it new challenges. The question of light, weight and shadow all need to be considered. I think I do get the most satisfaction out of standing for a few hours trying to master a pose. I love/hate it as it is the most exhausting thing and I cannot draw sitting down. Usually my drawings are missing a limb or a head as I get a bit over-excited with the proportions to begin with. My art teacher in school told us never to use a rubber, to simply draw over it and I have always stuck to that. I would use a rubber to highlight light but that is it. Although I do tend to use charcoal for the most part so it is easily erased by hand.

I'm not sure if I will ever learn to connect my textile work with my drawings. I do hope I can but for the moment they are my starting points and important reference material.

ps. the idea to draw from sculpture came from the American Pop Artist Jim Dine who spent a lot of time doing this. A cheaper method of life-drawing and you never have the problem with fidgeting models!

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