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Imagining words

by Ulick O'Connor

She said to me
"Kiss me specially",
And with her lips on mine
Traced a design
To show the way
Bees on a drowsy day
Suck honey from fuchsia.
How could I be so sure
That the artificer who spun
The golden honeycomb
For her at Erice,
The goddess in exile
Could ever have gleaned
What I found
When I leaned
To that command.
From 'One is Animate' (1990)

 Ulick O'Connor is one of my favourite poets, actually it is Ulick who drew me in to poetry. I am lucky enough to know him and to have heard him recite his work.

I will be posting more of his poems over the next while as they are very influential to my work. I love to combine words with imagery and for both to compliment eachother. He has a way with words which do make you feel "drowsy", as he quotes in The Kiss. His words create the most beautiful art.

*Photograph by Sarah Moon

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