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So sack me

Apologies for some of the blurry images. I didn't take them (unfortunately). They are a selection of images from the upcoming Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, NYC. It runs from 4th May - 31st July. I adore the garments and particularly the sack cloth masks. I have a lot of sack cloth material which I also adore but am a bit unsure what to do with it. I have dyed some of it so it is less sack like but I actually like both colours. It could be fantastic to combine it with the dyed silk which is of a similar colour. I wonder if I should attempt to make shapes....

I think certain materials appeal to me because of their paper-like qualities. The silk I am using can be ripped up so easily and bends and folds beautifully. This sack cloth can be completely changed by pulling out threads. It is so much fun!

p.s. does anyone know what collection these McQueen images are from?

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