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art/fashion....something in-between

Another day, another sample! These are recent works using the sewing machine, heat and flame. I am continuing to use my printed drawings/photographs to inspire these abstract pieces. I need to now make the leap to larger scale works. I keep returning to the Japanese fashion exhibition at the Barbican centre which for me really broke the separation between art and fashion where the pieces are as beautiful on the wall as they are on the body.


Machine drawing

Some sample pieces of work. The fabric is silk paper which I have waxed and varnished as it transforms the material from...well more malleable and worn in touch. I then free-stitched on the machine, replicating drawings. The fabric is most interesting when light is behind it, illuminating the stitch.


The next step....2D to 3D

This is me attempting to 'play' with the possibilities of my computer and of course it ends up looking like a kids school project. I got overexcited with the fact we can now download endless images....apologies!

Anyway I did include these images for a reason. They are a selection of samples to date and the larger images at the top are previous drawings/photographs which you have already seen. They are what I aspire for my samples. I'm a little stuck/scared/nervous blah blah blah as to how I go about this. It's exciting and scary at the same time! I was hoping by seeing them together it would help bring about a resolution. I need to update my sample photography as I have a selection of new pieces which I think offer a lot of potential.


Future Beauty exhibition

A fantastic exhibition held in the Barbican called Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion. I will label each photograph, just need to make sure I have them all correct. I love the bottom two photographs, they inspired me to look at Veruschka as the intensity of the prints becomes nearly calming and harmonious as they become one. Is it 2D? Is it 3D? I like the fact it makes you ask questions. I want my viewer to question how I created a certain surface and for the work to hold the viewer long enough to want to find out. To touch, to feel, to reflect.


Hate moths, LOVE their cocoons

Some slightly older imagery from a trip to the Kew Gardens last year. These were initial visual inspiration for me but I found it hard to translate the images in to anything further. After a bit of playing around the cocoons are now black and white and I'm now seeing so many more possibilities.....


Emerging colour.....

Colour slowly but surely beginning to appear. I love how long it takes me to accept colour (months!) It scares me so much to begin with but thankfully I've worked through it....oh such dilemnas I do suffer!!!

studio snippets

Some images of monochrome drawings which have taken my work in a new direction. The photocopies incorporate variations in scale. Some are repeats of the same image blown up and made smaller giving an obvious contrast in some areas and others they have been bled together by overlaying with further drawing.

The photographs are taken in our drawing studio in college. Man I'm going to miss that room....