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DAY 3/7 Wool Masterclass @ Bergerie National, France

Today we were joined by a group called CPIHL who are based in Massif Central.  Their aim is to become a promotional tool for wool in Massif Central companies and surrounding regions.  They hope to primarily promote wool for interior purposes - bedding, mattresses, rugs, wall hangings etc.

This is a breakdown of their strategic plan:

Knowledge management of wool and wool companies.

Business Networking.

Quality and Creativity.

Training and Relocation Support (working with the Centre of Wool and Felt studies to organise conferences, colloquiums, training, residencies)


A main initiative in their plans is form the Wool-Cocoon Gite (bed and breakfast/housing). The objective of the project is to promote wool. The owners of these gites use wool to decorate their homes and also to be knowledgeable of the wool so as to promote it.

After the above introduction we then began a felt workshop.  We used three wools, Merino, Texel and their native wool (who's name I will need to find).  I have experimented with felt work before, both in flat work and in 3-D form (slipper making). These have all been part of workshops so I have done very little experimenting at home.  I am unsure whether the process of felt works for my work.  I always want to be seeing a form begin and the lack of form left me a bit lost... I know there is a way to create shape so I just need to find my patience to begin this process!!

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