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Pinterest and Hannah Lamb

A social media site that I find extremely helpful, relevant and creative is Pinterest.  It is a kin to a journal/notebook but is even quicker in it's process.  It's a case of creating your own Boards (folders) and putting in there what is relevant for you.  I have been on it for a few years now and it is a site where I feel I am actually being productive on the internet and it leads me to some very exciting artists, designers, work etc.  When I was working on my last piece of work I was using Pinterest a lot to look for techniques that might interest me and also to look back at artists and just things which I had recorded on my Boards from the past.

An artist that was appearing quite often in work I was admiring was British artist, Hannah Lamb.  Hannah lectures part-time at Bradford School of Arts & Media and works mainly in textiles and photography within her own work.  I think her work and techniques are very beautiful - subtle, vulnerable, delicate, experimental and all with a sense of spontaneity.  Her work carries an energy that I am very drawn to. 

'Postcards From Saltaire' by Hannah Lamb - 100 prints using weeds collected from the streets of Saltaire for the Saltaire Arts Trail 2013

Below please find links to Hannah's blog and website.


And lastly my Pinterest page.

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