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The Fragmented Body

This is my most recent piece of work for exhibition.  It is called Fragmented Body and is based on a charcoal life-drawings. I am regularly challenged with how I can combine my drawing and textile work. The most practical solution for me is to see the drawing as one component to a finished piece. I dislike the word finished for an art work as I think one project always leads on to another rendering all work technically unfinished and in process, a new technique or skill learned each time. But for argument sake I am going to call this piece the finished work. The body was the inspiration and starting point, next came the working drawings and then the wire became the material to draw with and eventually the thread so there are then layers of lines involved in the finished piece.

This piece is of a woman's torso, the fabric reflecting skin and the different qualities it takes on over time.  The thread I hope creates movement, shadows and depth on the body, allowing it to take on a life of its own.

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