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The Mechanics of Creativity

When I reach the moment that I know I am in productivity, it offers such clarity and I feel a lightness in my head that before reaching this point was heavy and blocked. I never think I am going to reach this point where I WANT to work and I WANT to produce. At the beginning stages it always seems just to difficult and I have a mental block that nothing is going to happen.

Thankfully I have a fairy godmother in the form of my own Mum. She's wonderful and without me having to say much she offers help and guidance in unexpected ways that open up possibilities for working. This time it was in the form of a Monty Python no less.  I don't even think she's much of a fan....Anyway John Cleese came to the rescue with this wonderful discussion on Creativity (I think it's deserving of a big C) Cleese discusses the psychology of creativity and his experience of it within his own work.

After watching the video, I began to produce and produce. I made myself produce 20 pieces a day for the last three days and possibilities have opened because of that. It wasn't a case that the video offered me ideas for work but more it offered solutions and a kind of 'How to' guide for at least setting yourself up in the right environment for creative work.  I would recommend anyone watch it, whatever your chosen career path.

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